Variac as bucking transformer

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Variac as bucking transformer

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I have this very large Variac that works well and is rated at 22 amps. Would anyone use this as a way to bring the line voltage down to hook up all your tube gear. I could plug a power strip into the variac and have all my tube gear plugged in to that. I refrain from plugging 2 mono blocks and 2 tube preamps into a power strip plugged into one bucking transformer as the transformer is only 4 amps. There are -'s to the variac in that its large/heavy and very unsightly for the living room. Also, I wonder about electrical interference with my gear if its close by?

So I guess my questions are:
1. Aside from asthetics, is the variac setup a good option to reduce house voltage for tube gear?
2. How many pieces of gear can you plug into 1 bucking transformer at a time?

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