RightMark Audio tests

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RightMark Audio tests

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Has anyone used the RMAA software with a Behringer UCA222 ? I'm not sure what attenuation to use when connecting to amplifier outputs. The 222 has a 27k input impedance I believe.
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Re: RightMark Audio tests

Post by Olegus »

I use RightMark all the time, fantastic piece of software, sort of a digital benchmark for analog gear. To get accurate results though you will need a load resistor per channel plus a voltage divider to feed the signal into your ADC, 10/1 would be a good start, easier to do the math. I would not feed anything more than a couple of volts into the interface, standard 500 mV would be ideal. The input impedance is not much of factor in this case, you'll clip the heck out of the inputs of your Behringer, high impedance will only save it from burning, if you're lucky.
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