Marantz 6300 Auto Shutoff

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Marantz 6300 Auto Shutoff

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My Marantz 6300 turntable works well accept the auto lift and shutoff at the end of a record is at best intermittent. It is operated by a shutter arm blocking the light beam between an LED and phototransistor. The point of blocking can be adjusted but the actual operation seems to also be dependent on the speed of the arm as it tracks the lead-out groove: too slow and the shutoff circuit does not trigger. Any suggestions?
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Re: Marantz 6300 Auto Shutoff

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It probably has a differentiator to detect the lead out grove. Perhaps there is also an adjustment for that? Schematics will help but without those I would imagine that replacing the electrolytes that maybe are used for timing could be due for replacement. This is an educated guess though, I have build a similar auto shut off for a manual Pioneer PL12D many years ago.
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