Welcome everyone and thank you for joining the blueglow forum family!

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Re: Welcome everyone and thank you for joining the blueglow forum family!

Post by EM2Mike »

Hi, my name is Mike,
Retired Master Electrician, limited electronics, but I can follow a print just fine. Pulled my grandmothers 1936, 5-S-29 Zenith Tombstone radio and promptly blew some caps out of it when I first retired. Stumbled my way through that restoration, thought I knew it baby. Many failures later still having fun. Excited to continue to learn from Mark and tapping into all the knowledge out there.

Mike, Eastern Oregon
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Re: Welcome everyone and thank you for joining the blueglow forum family!

Post by mguess »

Hi all. This is Mitch from northern Virginia. I'm a retired electronics engineer. Following retirement I got interested in vintage audio electronics. Watching Mark and others on YouTube convinced me to convert my rarely used YouTube channel (mguess) to a vintage audio restoration format. I'm looking forward to hearing about everyone's audio projects.
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Re: Welcome everyone and thank you for joining the blueglow forum family!

Post by RPG »

Hi all, my name is Rod from Canada. Like others, this lockdown has afforded me some breathing space to get back into electronics. Been in maintenance for 20+ years so figuring things out remains a life long habit. I hope to be learning and helping where I can :)
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Re: Welcome everyone and thank you for joining the blueglow forum family!

Post by RICK KING »


My name is Rick. I am recently retired. I have tinkered with electronics for years and now investing in test equipment to repair myself.
I found out about Mark and Blueglow from a fellow at Audio Karma. They have been helping me "fix" a 1976 Pioneer SA-9500 that I bought new in 1977. But I also have been blessed to be given other vintage equipment over the years that needs attention. Here are a few:
RCA Console with tube amp. [At some point I need help identifying the turn-table and amp. The consoles says VC-22]
1963 Sherwood S-2100 valve tube tuner [Works pretty good as is, but hot tubes]
1965 Sherwood S-9500 Solid sate amp [Some noise]

I have found the Blueglow videos to be the best for learning audio electronics and the concern with safety and explaining how to be safe if great. Without out them no doubt I would have done damage; at minimum to my equipment.

I look forward to learning interacting and hopefully some day can help others.

Thanks for providing this forum and videos! Hope to get to know a few of you.


P.S. I also learned what the previously unidentified stains on my shirts are; Deoxit!
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Re: Welcome everyone and thank you for joining the blueglow forum family!

Post by Kento »

Hi everyone,

My Name is Kento. I like HiFi, and I learn so much from your videos. I really want to say "Thank you"!!! I look forward to participate in your 300B project.
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Re: Welcome everyone and thank you for joining the blueglow forum family!

Post by randes2000 »

My name is Bob Andes and I live in Isle of Wight Count, VA. I've always wanted to troubleshoot/repair vintage electronics and in the last couple of years I've been reading forums, buying some test gear and watching all of Mark's videos as well as others. I am nearing retirement and once my other projects are done (yeah, right) I want to really get into solid state electronics. I fix everything else I own, so it's time to add vintage electronics to my list. I have a soft spot for Marantz tuner/amps and my ultimate goal is to find/fix a 2260.
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Re: Welcome everyone and thank you for joining the blueglow forum family!

Post by mballance »

Greetings folks!

Happy to be joining this forum. I'm new to vintage radio restoration; I started last year with a Channel Master AM radio from my grandmother. Unfortunately she left the D-cell batteries in the unit and when I received it, the acid had destroyed much of the internals. I removed most of the parts and replaced with a bluetooth amp and am enjoying a new-old vintage radio. I dove head first into restoration, I picked up a Telefunken Bayreuth Studio and am way over my head. I look forward to asking many questions and sharing my lessons learned along the way.

Thanks Mark for your fantastic videos and setting up a "safe place to ask', "dumb" questions!
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Greetings from scandinavia.

Post by Alextheampguy »

Hello . Im Richard (Alex is my middle name) from middle of norway. Car mechanic and a audionerd. . Got into tube amps by a coincidence and ended up in a tube building class held by the local radiohistorical group. building my own 6l6 Se amplifier (bougt a diy kit from china.). Learned alot. And the tube amp decease hit me hard. Loved the sound. And that something i built, with my own two hands. sounded so good..
So many projects are in the working and i learn more and more along the way.
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Re: Welcome everyone and thank you for joining the blueglow forum family!

Post by kip_duff »

Hi- I'm Kip in Costa Mesa, a suburb south of Los Angeles. I am a career car and truck mechanic, currently working at age 73 for a fleet of petroleum tank trucks, KAG West, a subsidiary of Kenan Advantage Group. I've always had a more-than-normal interest in music- both playing and listening. Currently trying to get best sound out of my hifi, and will posting here to that end. Hopefully, I may be able to help others.

I have spent some time with BlueGlow videos and have bought some calibration tubes from Mark for my TV-7B military tube tester which I bought off eBay and tuned up. As I grow older and wisdom gradually displaces tenacious ignorance in my reasonable facsimile of a brain, I learnt a few things that give me hope. One is that, apparently, some of the best minds have an uncontrollable need to share, give, and help- and are incapable of meanness. To me, Blueglow videos seem to be really good proof of this. The calm and wisdom of the voice in the videos led me to believe that the author was one of those amazing retired grampas with two garages full of vintage tubes who might be leaving us soon. I was relieved to see Mark's younger than me.

I've had a Linn Sondek/Ittok/Lingo vinyl front end for 35 years, but also love streaming music- and streaming has massively expanded my ability to find music I knew was out there but I hadn't been able to get my hands on yet. I have a Sonos Play 5 streaming speaker and it's fantastic.. Thru a bit of luck and timing last month, I just got a Dr. Feickert Blackbird turntable with Reed 2A arm. It has a Lyra Skala cart which I'm not sure is best for my taste. I want to get deeper into set up. Like determining cartridge loading with scope. I have already used Dr. Feickert's Adjust+ program and disc to check output and set azimuth- and my Rigol to look closer at output. I also have a refurb Garrard 301 that I built an 8-ply birch plinth for- but haven't completed yet. I hear that the Garrard can be the best sound.

I listen to Juliette Greco, Ernest Tubb, John Cage, Chet Baker, Vicente Fernandez, Hermanas Huerta, Peggy Lee, Moon Dog, Julianna Barwick, Conrad Tao, Paul Lansky, Harry Parch, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Tammy Wynette, Jim Reeves, Mildred Bailey, Beach House, Park Jiha, Johnny Otis, John Lee Hooker, Patsy Cline, Slowdive, anything....

Currently, I'm building an Audio Note 2.1 DAC, have the Feickert TT, Bottlehead Eros 2 phono stage, Bottlehead BeePre, Bottlehead Paramount 1.1 300B amps into Altec Voice of the Theaters. Needs work........ I'm ordering some Cardas SE-15 speaker wire today.
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Re: Welcome everyone and thank you for joining the blueglow forum family!

Post by VintageSound »

My Name is Bruce,

Have an Electronics Degree from a Trade School and have always tinkered with electronics.
Really have enjoyed the BLOWGLOW Videos I've viewed on Oscilloscopes.
Finally purchased my first oscilloscope the Hantek DSO4202C.
I have a Marantz 2275 Receiver that I've been restoring.
Really like this forum idea!!
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