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ElPaso TubeAmps

Post by mgalusha »

Another guy who knows a lot about tube electronics is ElPaso TubeAmps. His channel is a mix of audio amps and RF amps with crazy high voltage and big tubes. He has some very interesting videos on rectifier and output tube comparisons and several on trasnformers.

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-f4XW ... hKMxrpzqAQ
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Re: ElPaso TubeAmps

Post by Hal »

Agreed. I have a dual 6550A "musical instrument amp" bass guitar (that lacks a preamp section) that he built years ago and I bought from the original customer on fleabay quite some years ago. Great amp for small clubs, practice, puttering around etc. Loud as all heck with the right preamp and speaker cabinet as well. :D
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