6BM8 "tiny amp" + Video Series

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Re: 6BM8 "tiny amp" + Video Series

Post by Tom_S »

Nice! I like the black power switch and the volume knob!
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Re: 6BM8 "tiny amp" + Video Series

Post by Stephe_K »

Well I got this project finished and have spent several hours listening to it.

It sounds fantastic! No hum whatsoever, and is a very musical amp. I still have a few mods I want to experiment with, especially on the input section cathode bias scheme, but I am super pleased how it sounds as built in the below posted schematic. For a super simple design, it turned out great but I would suggest if this is someone's first build, pick a chassis a little bigger than the one I used, it was a tight fit.

Uploaded the last two videos, one has the final wiring and voltage testing. The last is a basic scope test and discussing some future minor mods I want to try.

https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=P ... oRlv5xO4Xh

This is the final schematic with voltages as read off my sample.

6BM8-Single-Ended-Tube-Amp-Stephe-V3.png (210.32 KiB) Viewed 66 times
PS2 6BM8.png
PS2 6BM8.png (96.16 KiB) Viewed 66 times
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